Plan Your Year!

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Plan Your Year!

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:11 am

Hello all!
and welcome to Organized Creativity Forum!

Here you can remain basically anonymous if you wish.
This started off as a small project for myself but now I'm sharing it with others ^^

Please Fill out the Form below (it requires an email)  

This will start you off in organizing for the year as to what you want to accomplish and is designed to help you stay on task

[Art Goals 2017]

If you wish not to provide an email for the form

you may fill out the information manually and keep your own records

I'll provide a template later so that you know how it's suppose to look.
This is meant to be a bit detailed and can be a few pages long.
I'll be posting in the categories
you can pretty much find your way around as the place is organized by months and then years and then days and so on    

If you don't quite reach your goals then it's okay
The important thing is you tried and hopefully had a little fun! ^^
You may also tailor your new plan based on last years plan.
It's good to keep track.


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